About Us!

Founded in 2015, The Llandrindod Youth Market is going from strength to strength, providing a safe place for Young People to Trade and Perform! It was set up by a local group of Traders and Business People but, has now been mostly handed over to a small group of Youth Organisers and a couple of adults, who plan and organise the whole day!
So Far, we have held 5 Markets after YM5 was Cancelled, because of Adverse weather in December 2016. Our First Anniversary Market was held in September 2016!
We have been very lucky to gain lots of support from Local Businesses and Organisations as listed below. Most Recently, we have been awarded with 2 Grants. We are very thankful to the Llandrindod Soup and the now deformed, Recycling Group.
In January 2017, the Youth Market Committee was awarded, 'Business Wales, Social Enterprise Mentee of the Year 2017'. For more information, Please Click Here!

Business Wales, Social Enterprise Mentee of the Year, 2017!